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Brian Ahearne CTO at Kneat Solutions Kneat’s object driven documentation automation software enables you to create and maintain facility, equipment, process control and IT system lifecycle documents with less effort and higher quality than existing systems or methods. The application generates your documentation based on a central object-based data repository and ensures that all documentation is maintained up to date in real time. The key benefits are; • Increased productivity associated with documentation intensive processes • Streamline and automate lifecycle documentation generation, testing and change execution • Ensure documentation compliance in real time as people perform their work • Ensure documents are always up to date and audit ready The system is flexible, where no structure is forced on you. You configure your process in the system and no software skills are required to do this only your own process knowledge. On a personal note... I am married to Sheila with two children, four year old boy Kyle and baby girl Kiela. As well as my interest in all things technical I enjoy my family time and try to spend active time with my wife and kids as much as possible. My 4 year old son has inherited my love of music - wish I could get my Cowon S9 back! I enjoy Tai Chi and Qigong for relaxation, concentration and keep-fit. Specialties • ISO9001, ISO9000-3, TickIt • Data Driven Documentation • Object Oriented Analysis & Design • Software Development Processes • Project Documentation and Compliance • Problem Solving and Algorithms

Work experience

Kneat Solutions, CTO
January 2005 - Present, Limerick, Ireland
Responsible for: - Product Development & Quality - Human Resources - System Architecture - System Design

University of Limerick, Lecturer
January 2000 - December 2007, Limerick, Ireland
Lecturing for Dept. of Electronic Engineering and Computing. Java, Software Enginering and Hardware Architecture.