Anthony (Tony) Shawver


Delivery/Engagement Manager, Matrix

Location: Atlanta, GA



Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster

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Tony Shawver - Matrix Resources: Tony has over 15 years experience in technology, starting with a background in both Engineering and Business and migrating to a focus on software development.  For the past 12 years, Tony has succeeded at SW application development positions ranging from Developer, Team Lead & Manager to Consultant & Director of Project Management.  Prior to 2007, most of these projects were lead using a combination of a Waterfall and Iterative SDLC. 


In 2007, Tony began researching Scrum and implemented the methodology on a new software application project in 2007.  While this project was in-flight, Tony received his Certified Scrum Master training & certification in August, 2008.  He has continued to use Scrum, implementing 3 more successful Scrum projects to date (as of 2010).  Through these projects, Tony has used both local and distributed teams including offshore.  


In 2010, Tony became a certified Scrum Professional.  Tony continues to manage software application development using Scrum, focusing on efficient communication and relationship building internal and external to the development team.  He continues to refine the artifacts and processes related to implementing Scrum efficiently across his various projects, teams and clients.  Additionally, Tony has served as a Scrum Coach and led transformations at several companies from RUP/Waterfall to Scrum.