Aniq Sajjad


Senior Business Analyst

Location: MN


Certified Scrum Product Owner


I am a Senior Business Analyst, currently working on multiple SCRUM projects. My SCRUM experience includes multiple projects in which teams were either co-located or remote. As a Consultant, I have worked in various different fields including-Mortgage, Finance, Crop Insurance and HealthCare. I pride myself in thinking outside the box and I absolutely love working in a collaborative environment. My education background includes an MA and MBA in Management, both of which have helped me become a better Analyst and also a confident professional. Apart from work my main interests include keeping tropical fish and making/flying large kites.

Work experience

Ambient Consulting-United Health Group, Senior Analyst
March 2011 - Present, Edina , MN, United States
Senior Analyst working on SCRUM and SMART BPM projects