Alexander Frumkin


Scrum Coach, cPrime

Location: San Rafael, CA, USA


Certified ScrumMaster


I was born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Russia. My first program was written in Algol 60 in high school. My major at the university was applied mechanics and my first job back to Russia was in that area. In 1990 we presented our 3D graphics package at the Comtec exhibition in Moscow. That time Autodesk was looking for the young talents; that’s how I was invited to start working for Autodesk in Russia. I was doing well and by 1998 became a key contributor at Autodesk MAP, the second large Autodesk product. When Autodesk closed the Russian office in 1998 I was among 3 guys who were selected from the 43 people SWD team and invited to relocate to San Rafael, CA. I was very lucky to become a part of Autodesk “dream team” and work with the company best developers. Soon I became a team lead and architect. I was leading multiple teams and architecting multiple projects. In 2007 I was happily employed at Autodesk when Gary Wayne, my future boss at SunPower approached me. It turned out his buddies at Autodesk, including Carl Bas, the company CEO, recommended me. I left Autodesk to be among the pioneers of alternative energy. When I joined SunPower, I had an idea how software can streamline design and sales process at SunPower. 7 month later my team was able to ship the first version of the design tool that allowed decreasing a project design time from 3 weeks to 2 days. Moreover, using this tool a designer was able to generate multiple versions of a design and choose the optimal design. A year and a half later my department had 4 successful products that helped SunPower saving millions of dollars (see achievements). We had a geographically distributed team of 20+ people, mostly young talents. I was able to establish best of bread software development processes. We used waterfall for our first project and found it challenging to follow ever changing user requirements. That’s why I introduced Agile Scrum to the team, brought on-site coach and set up 3-day training for the team.

After living through 2 sucessful agile transformations and a few sucessful project I desided to change my career path and make teaching and coaching Scrum my primary occupation. These days I am a Scrum coach at cPrime.

Work experience

cPrime, Scrum Coach
January 2014 - Present, Foster City, CA, US
• Facilitated Agile adoption in large organizations working at team and program levels by providing Agile assessments, defining and implementing transition back logs, work with the Executive Teams to define a transformation strategy • Deliver classroom format training for teams of up to 100 people on Agile principals, Scrum and Kanban frameworks • Help teams become in achieving a high performance by leading by example and demonstrating techniques to technical team members, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, functional manager and their executives. • Enhanced inter-personal work relations and collaboration skills while focusing on Agile methodologies and strong technical skills • Worked with individuals ranging from executives to individual contributors in their Agile adoption journey • Reviewed cPrime learning materials and provided recommendation for the further improvements

SunLink, Sr. Director Software Development
June 2011 - June 2013, San Rafael, CA, US
SunLink is an industry leader in designing highly customizable solar racking systems for roof top and ground installations. Each project requires substantial amount of engineering efforts that could not be possible without high level of automation. When I joined SunLink in June 2011 there was no software department within the organization; there was a single developer working on an internal engineering program. Within a few month I was able to build a professional software organization that utilizes Agile Scrum along with other best Software Development practices (code reviews, submission notes, source control, automated builds, automated testing etc.) and convert existing program into an engineering application built to the industry standards and used not only internally, but outside SunLink. This application helped decreasing a roof top solar installation design cycle from 15 to 3-5 days. Currently my team is working on a new engineering application for ground mounting systems. It is going to be developed in parallel with ongoing improvements to the existing application.

SunPower, Director, Design Software
April 2007 - January 2011, Richmond, CA, United States
Started a software department from scratch. Recruited and coached young talents. Won government grant for the business idea under American Solar Initiative Converted a business idea in a suite of 4 Web and Client Server applications, a bunch of Web Services using .NET technology Filed 5 US patents Pioneered Agile Scrum within software organization, run mega scrum within geographically distributed team

Autodesk, Team Lead/System Architect
April 2004 - April 2007, San Rafael, CA, United States
Lead, mentored, motivated Software Engineers of multiple feature teams, assigned tasks and maintained schedules, directly involved in performance reviews. Architected key features in Autodesk MAP releases 2005-2007. • Managed a team of 10+ software engineers to deliver quality software on time. • Provided code reviews and mentoring for junior engineers helping them in their professional development • Architected multiple features related to different aspects of spatial data representation in Autodesk MAP. Those features made the product compliant with the GIS industry standards and helped growing business from $65M to over $100M in a few years. • Participated hands on in implementation, testing and troubleshooting the key product functionality. • Involved with FDO open source community making architectural reviews and code changes • Lead team efforts in establishing nightly builds that substantially decreased probability of lemon submissions

Autodesk, Senior Software Engineer
July 1998 - April 2004, San Rafael, Select a State, United States
Participated in implementation, testing and troubleshooting the key AutoCAD and Autodesk MAP functionality. • Participated in design and implementation of several large research projects related to different aspects of spatial data representation and collaboration in AutoCAD pioneering use of .NET and DBMS technology within Autodesk. One of these projects became a foundation for the FDO technology in the future • Re-designed and rewrote a key AutoCAD component to expose its functionality through the API • Mentored junior developers in designing medium and large software systems using Object Oriented Architecture, design patterns and UML

Autodesk Russia, Software Developer
May 1990 - July 1998, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Participated in design, implementation, testing and troubleshooting built-in AutoCAD applications for accessing RDBMS data and associating it with graphical objects within AutoCAD drawings • Designed, implemented and troubleshoot key components of the application that made project scalable and easy to maintain. • Pioneered use of Object ARX API within Autodesk. Taking advantage of 11 hours time difference between Saint Petersburg and California helped Autodesk architecture team in establishing around the clock development cycle that expedited delivery of the Object ARX API and improved its quality greatly