Provisional CST Program

See what iterative improvements have been made to the program.

We continue to make iterative improvements to the Provisional CST program. These changes both enhance the experience of applicants and ensure that all CSTs, regardless of their certification path, are well prepared and of the highest quality.

Currently, 20 Provisional CST candidates are going through review or prescreening processes. Based on input from these candidates, we’re organizing an effort to provide Skype “office hours,” staffed by current members of the Provisional Trainer Approval Community (PTAC). These members will be available to answer applicants’ questions about the review process.

On June 12, a Google Docs link will be emailed to the TCC group with Provisional CST candidates’ contact information and the geographic areas in which they’re able to co-train. This will help the entire CST community take advantage of co-training opportunities and become involved with the process. Thanks to one of our CSTs for sparking this idea with his interest in offering co-training experience to Provisional CST candidates.

A list of recommended application formats will be posted on our website before the end of June, for both current and future Provisional CST applicants. This list will help applicants submit their information to the PTAC in ways that will make reviewing it easier and, as such, reduce turnaround time. For instance, you could turn your current resume into a Scrum resume, highlighting specific Scrum roles and responsibilities. Doing so helps the PTAC quickly see the alignment of the candidate’s expertise and experience against requirements.