The Product Owner Dilemma

23 June 2014

Tommi Johnstone
3Back, Scrum Management Consulting & Training

Doug Shimp
3Back, Scrum Management Consulting & Training

Struggling to find some solid footing as a product owner? The PO role means balancing the push and pull of product management. That's not easy. Building the right product at the right time is fundamental to your success as PO.


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Vik Singh, CSM, 6/24/2014 4:49:33 PM
Very precise visual presentation of PO role.
So critical for PO to interact, observe and capture feedback from end user/consumers in 'outward' world and and provide/apply that feedback to 'Inward' product development so that 'delivered product' can align as closely as possible with 'outward' world expectations.

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