Examination process for the Scrum Professional certification

Applicants who met the prerequisites for the Certified Scrum Professional before January 31, 2014, may have chosen to participate in the examination process as their path to certification.

If you applied on or before January 31, 2014, you will have up to 90 calendar days from the date that you applied to schedule and complete the exam. After 90 calendar days, your application will be discarded and you will need to follow the SEU-based process in order to receive your CSP credential.

The examination

Once your application has been accepted and you've paid the registration fee, you will receive an email from Castle Worldwide. The email will provide a link to the exam registration form as well as a list of the proctored testing sites, dates, and times for the exam.

The 150-question exam is available at proctored test sites around the world. Candidates have three hours to complete the test. To help you prepare for the exam, download the CSP Candidate Handbook, which includes test-taking tips, an exam content outline, a list of resources, and sample questions. You can also take a 35-question practice test for $20 through Castle Worldwide.

License and certificate

You will receive your CSP exam results at the proctored test site immediately after you have submitted your completed exam. If you pass, you will receive an email from Scrum Alliance with a link to the CSP License Agreement. After you accept the License Agreement, you will be able to download your CSP certificate from your dashboard. Your new credential is effective for two years from the date you passed the CSP exam.

If you do not pass the exam, you will not be able to retake it due to the discontinuation of the exam option. Refer to the current CSP SEU process to reapply for CSP certification.


You must renew your CSP credential every two years. To maintain your certification, you will need to obtain 45 SEUs within those two years. Renewals automatically include lower-level certifications, such as CSM, CSPO, and CSD.

FAQs about the CSP examination process

I didn't sign up for the proctored examination before January 31, 2014. Is it too late to sign up for the exam now?
Yes. However, you can apply for CSP certification through the SEU-based process.

Why has the exam been discontinued?
In-person exams at specific sites were difficult for many people to attend. The SEU process provides all candidates with a more equal and thorough opportunity to use their experience and learning to show their readiness for the CSP certificate.

What about all those hours of work experience I've already accrued?
You can still use that work experience to apply for your CSP certification.

What if I fail the CSP examination?
If you fail the proctored CSP exam, you will not have an opportunity to retake it. However, you can reapply for your CSP certification by using the SEU-based process.