Scrum Alliance Newsletter- March 2014

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March 2014
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Letter from the Managing Director

We recently took to Twitter to raise a question to our followers. “So, you practice Scrum in your work life, but do you do anything to practice it in your home life?” The responses we got were terrific and gave great insight into how Scrum might help transform your world!

I wanted to share a few of the responses with you and encourage you to “try this at home.”
  • "yes, we planned our wedding with #scrum"
  • "yes, I use #scrum in my personal life, like, My lunch and dinner is iterative and value based."
  • "Scrumming our move from Alabama to Tennessee."
  • "tasks for last new year's eve dinner."
Read all the contributions here!
Have a story you want to share with us? Tell us your Scrum@Home story here. As we share together, we learn together. Remember, you never know when or where Scrum might transform your world!

Carol McEwan
Managing Director
Scrum Alliance, Inc.


New Scrum Articles

4 Things You Need to Know About Scrum
At SCRUM ALLIANCE®, we know that implementing Scrum can be a wonderful voyage of discovery – however, it's understandable to be nervous. Here we're going to try to help you decide whether Agile in general, and Scrum in particular, is a direction that you should be taking. The four key points in this article come from our recent State of Scrum report. Read More

3 Ways Scrum Attracts Top Performers
You should offer an environment employees enjoy, where they feel empowered and have control over the work they perform. With Scrum, not only can you deliver that environment, but you don't have to be in software development to make it work. Read More

Read Our Expert Blog: Spotlight

If you’re not already following Spotlight, our new blog by experts in the fields of Agile, Scrum, and the broader business world, you need to check it out now! Since January, regular contributors Mike Cohn, Steve Denning, and Michele Sliger have posted six new pieces. Look them up, leave your comments, and subscribe to the Spotlight RSS feed so you don’t miss any expert postings. This is your chance to share ideas with thought leaders in the field – and get their blogs delivered right to your inbox.

Scrum Alliance Is Hiring!

Browse the job listings now
Scrum Alliance is looking for new staff members who enjoy making a difference, being part of a team, and taking pride in their career. If you know a PR Specialist, UX Designer, or SEO/SEM Analyst in the Denver area, please share these opportunities!

Agile Atlas

Missed any articles on the Agile Atlas? Check them out here! The Atlas is growing in breadth and depth: Keep watching it. Behind the scenes, we’re helping with a revision of the Scrum Alliance Core Scrum page, and it looks to be even better than the current one. Remember, we’re always looking for new articles and new authors, so contact us. We look forward to seeing you as a reader, or better yet, as a contributor!


Scrum Tips

Velocity: How to Calculate and Use Velocity to Help Your Team and Your Projects
What is velocity? The truth is: Velocity is velocity. And velocity is measured . . . as velocity is.

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How to Understand Stories Better: Improve Your Sprint Grooming Sessions
Sprint planning meetings are often chaotic, with half-baked stories and lots of assumptions and clarifications left open. In such instances, the planning sessions are often hijacked and the estimates are given by the managers or architects.

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Value-Added Role: Technical ScrumMaster: How a TSM Can Help Elevate the Team's Performance
The Technical ScrumMaster (TSM) has a role that carries a lot of weight apart from being a negotiator, facilitator, and/or servant-leader. Why do I emphasize the TSM?

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Risks and Issues: How They Apply and Are Worked in Scrum Sprints
Scrum teams try, where possible, to identify and plan for risks before the start of a sprint. Unfortunately, issues are the more frequent event a Scrum team has to deal with.

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2014 Scrum Coaching Retreats

Are you a current or aspiring Agile coach? Scrum Alliance is sponsoring three Scrum Coaching Retreats in 2014 in Europe, the U.S., and Southeast Asia. Visit the growing Scrum Coaching Retreats page for more details and registration.

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