Scrum Alliance Newsletter- December 2013
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December 2013
In This Issue:  Agile Atlas | Coaching Retreat Wrap-Up | Sponsored Events | Tips/Perspectives

Letter from the Managing Director

Scrum Alliance Thanks Outgoing Board Members Mike Cohn and Dan Hintz and Welcomes New Board Members Mitch Lacey and Eugene Bounds

After several years of service, Mike Cohn has decided to leave his board-elected position on the Board of Directors, effective December 31. A special thank-you to Mike for his support, commitment, and leadership over the years.

Dan Hintz's board-elected term comes to an end December 31, 2013. We would like to thank Dan for his leadership, service, and dedication during his term.

There was one year left of Mike Cohn's current three-year term, and Mitch Lacey has accepted the board's offer to fill the remainder of that term. Mitch stated, "I am honored to be asked to return to the board and look forward to serving." Mitch will serve on the board until December 31, 2014.

Bob Hartman's member-elected term ends December 31, 2013, but Bob will remain on the board for an additional three-year term as he has accepted the open board-elected position vacated by Dan Hintz.

And last, but certainly not least, the Scrum Alliance Board of Directors election has closed and the results are in! Voter turnout was impressive and Eugene Bounds surged ahead to win the member-elected seat being vacated by Bob Hartman. Eugene garnered 47.1% of the total votes, while Lance Dacy and Kevin McIntyre claimed 29.9% and 23%, respectively.

Eugene stated, "I am honored to be elected to the Scrum Alliance Board of Directors and look forward to serving the Scrum Alliance Community."

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Scrum Alliance membership, I welcome Mitch and Eugene into their new roles and wish Mike and Dan all the best with their future endeavors. I also want to extend my sincerest thanks to all of this year's candidates for their desire to help guide Scrum Alliance toward a bright future as we work together to transform the world of work in 2014 and beyond.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season,

Carol McEwan
Managing Director
Scrum Alliance, Inc.


Coaching Retreat Wrap-Up

The latest Scrum Coaching Retreat was held December 4-6 in Phoenix, Arizona. There were approximately 75 attendees from beginning level to CSC/CST levels. Esther Derby ran a dynamic pre-retreat class on Leading Change, which was well received. The retreat proper was a high-energy event with "deep diver" topic explorations and a bit of open space. The feedback was outstanding and, all in all, it was a great event.
We want to sincerely thank the volunteers who put in so much personal time to coordinate the event:

  • Alan Dayley – Big Visible
  • Bob Galen – Velocity Partners
  • Clayton Lengel-Zigich - Integrumtech
  • Daniel Teng – Odd-e
  • Kate Megaw – Braintrust Group
And a big "thank-you" to our sponsor: SolutionsIQ and Daniel Gullo & Bryan Stallings. Mark your calendars for next year's North America retreat, which will be held October 27-30 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Date Change: Regional Scrum Gathering® Australia 2014

The Regional Scrum Gathering® Australia 2014 has been postponed from March until October 21-22, 2014. It will be held at the same venue in Sydney, and the keynote speaker will be Henrik Kniberg. Visit their website for more information.

Agile Atlas

You’ll see some new articles in the Agile Atlas in response to last month's call for authors. We also had some volunteers for shepherding. Well done! Keep those ideas coming and feel free to contact us regarding both of these opportunities by emailing Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson.

We have an article on "Lean Coffee" for retrospectives, and another with ideas on measurable goals. “Adding Lean to the Scrum Framework” is about combining Lean and Scrum/Agile ideas for better results. We also have a very exciting article in the works by Craig Larman and Bas Vodde describing "Large-Scale Scrum" (LeSS), their successful approach to scaling Scrum. Check out the articles on the Agile Atlas and see what you think.
Internal modifications continue as well. We have a new multiple-author capability about to roll out, some instruction pages in the works, and improvements to setting up your author page. Become an author and you, too, can improve your author page!
The Atlas is accelerating, thanks to those of you who've submitted articles. Keep them coming: Scrum has helped you, now you get to pass the assistance on!



Scrum Tips

Agile Transitions That Work
An Agile transition, whether at an enterprise or development level, is a state of mind that does not waver. This state of mind must be spread across all areas of the organization. It must become a new corporate culture. There isn't a prescription or simplistic solution for a transition. Read More...

We Have Socks For Cold Feet
Many people are aware of the concept of cold feet, but it tends to come up in the context of getting married, which makes you think of a long-term commitment. Still, how many times have you gone into an organization that claimed they were ready to embrace Agile -- but when it came time for them to go for the gold, they got cold feet? Read More...

Change Your Daily Scrum Meeting
This article tells the story of our experience implementing a shift in approach during daily Scrum meetings. We went from a typical approach centered on each individual to one centered on each story in the sprint backlog. Read More...


The Case for Co-Training
One of the things that I valued, and continue to value, as a Certified Scrum Trainer is co-training. . . . It is concerning to me that many view co-training as a negative or as something that should not be necessary in order to achieve or maintain the CST credential. Read More...

Thou Shalt Use Pure Scrum
If pure Scrum works for our project -- voila! Nothing could be better than this. But the fact is, in real life we come across situations and projects where pure play doesn't seem to work, and we need to "inspect and adapt." Read More...

We Lost to Agile
When I talk about Agile, it is mostly in the context of my experience in the IT industry. Many times my friends, working in different sectors, ask me why I support Agile in general when it is primarily focused to work wonders for my industry. Read More...


Global SCRUM GATHERING® New Orleans 2014
Call for Papers is open for Phase 2. Submit your session today! Deadline to submit is January 6. Registration is OPEN for the Global SCRUM GATHERING® New Orleans May 5-7, 2014. A big thank-you to our sponsors already on board: Geocent, Agile Learning Labs, CollabNet, RippleRock, Platinum Edge, Artisan Software Consulting.

Global SCRUM GATHERING® Berlin 2014
Thank you to all who applied for the Call for Chair. The selection process is currently underway. We look forward to seeing you for the Global SCRUM GATHERING® Berlin September 22-24, 2014. Thank you to our sponsors who look forward to seeing you in Berlin: Agile42, Boris Gloger, it-agile, CollabNet, RippleRock, Platinum Edge, and improuv.

Global SCRUM GATHERING® Phoenix 2015
Mark your dates on the calendar for the Global SCRUM GATHERING® 2015 that will be held in Phoenix, Arizona, May 4-6, 2015. We hope to see you there.

Upcoming Global

New Orleans 2014
May 5-7, 2014
New Orleans, LA, USA
Berlin 2014
Sept. 22-24, 2014
Berlin, Germany
Phoenix 2015
May 4-6, 2015
Phoenix, AZ, USA

Upcoming Sponsored Events

Jeff Sutherland Public Talk
Istanbul, Turkey 
January 15, 2014
Learn More...

Agile Practitioners Israel - 2014
Ramat-Gan, Israel 
January 28-29, 2014
Learn More...

Sponsor an Upcoming Gathering

Interested in sponsoring a Global SCRUM GATHERING® to showcase your company? If you sponsor two or more, you will save 10 to 25 percent. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please download the sponsorship package or contact Yvonne at or (905) 281-0555, ext. 111.

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