Scrum Alliance Newsletter- September 2013

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Letter from the Managing Director

Carol McEwan
I am having trouble believing it is September already, but the fact that we are in the final planning stages of Global Scrum Gathering Paris, September 23-25, makes me know it is true. As I think back to the last several Gatherings, I am reminded of the excitement, enthusiasm, and knowledge shared among attendees. From the expert to the novice, they return to their work inspired to do more.

Scrum Alliance is growing -- last month we issued almost 5,000 new certificates, and we added two Scrum Alliance User Groups for a total of 236 worldwide. Global Gatherings are sold out and Regional Gatherings are being hosted on almost every continent. We know Scrum teams around the world are making a difference and, in support of our mission to transform the world of work, we invite you to share your stories with the Scrum community and inspire others to do more.

Has your Scrum team been successful in transforming your workplace? We want to hear all about it -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. We are looking for stories to share with the community on our website, and we might even ask you to share your story at a future Scrum Gathering. Please visit our site and log in to submit your story here, with the words "Success Story:" followed by your own title. Let's share, collaborate, and inspire others to do more!  

Carol McEwan
Managing Director
Scrum Alliance, Inc.

Agile Atlas

We recently had two members volunteer to write articles on "scaling" Scrum for large organizations. In addition, we have posted a new article in Commentaries called "Bugs, Defects, and Bad News." As always, we welcome your articles on these topics or any others relating to Scrum and Agile.

Generally Accepted Scrum Practices now has a new name. It's now "Common Practices." We did this so we can include things people do that they've found useful, but that may give rise to thoughtful disagreement. We want to get great ideas out there, even when they are potentially controversial. It's on the edge of Scrum thought that the discoveries will be made.

Do you have thoughts on technical practices? Are you using Scrum outside of software development? Have you found ways to be effective with distributed teams, or in other special circumstances? Contact to propose an article. Write it up for us to share with your colleagues in Scrum.

Scrum Alliance Sponsors the Fifth Global Drucker Forum

Scrum Alliance is pleased to announce its first-time sponsorship of the Global Peter Drucker Forum at the Gold Sponsorship Level. This year's theme is "Managing Complexity."

The Global Peter Drucker Forum is an annual event organized by the Peter Drucker Society Europe, a nonprofit association affiliated with the Drucker Institute. As a leading management conference, the Forum brings together top executives and noted scholars to discuss some of the most pressing issues of the day. Scrum Alliance plans to promote the knowledge and practice of Scrum to attendees at this event. The 2013 Drucker Forum takes place in Vienna, Austria, November 14-15.

Our members receive a special 10% discount on the registration fee. To take advantage of this offer, visit and enter the Group Code: PARTNER.

New Post-Event Summaries from Our Regional Scrum Gatherings

Scrum Gathering India 2013
The India Scrum Enthusiasts Community hosted the Regional Scrum Gathering® India – Pune 2013 on July 26-27, 2013. Over two days, we had 556 participants attending keynotes, presentations, workshops, and coaching clinics. The event was well attended and generated a lot of enthusiasm among Scrum practitioners in India.
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The Scrum Café: Bringing the World Café Format to the Scrum World
The first Scrum Café was held on August 17 in Santa Cruz-Bolivia. This was intended to be a morning event for the local Scrum community to learn and interact. The results were awesome: Participants not only remained focused but also learned and connected. More important, they had fun in the process.
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Scrum Tips

Image Simple Arguments for Scrum to Support Sales People
In negotiations to book Scrum teams, I like to show, in the simplest way, why to use Scrum instead of traditional approaches to a project. See in one glance why an Agile approach has three times as many advantages.
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Image 5 Traps to Avoid in Daily Scrum/Stand-up Meetings
One of the interesting and most useful practices is the daily Scrum/stand-up meeting, when the ScrumMaster supports collaboration among team members. However, there are some typical traps that Agile teams fall into; here's how to avoid them.
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Image Coaching Scrum Teams Through Conflict Navigation and Effective Communication Strategies
Internal conflict can have a major impact on Scrum team dynamics and cohesion. On the other hand, conflict is natural in any vibrant Scrum team. I've realized that what ScrumMasters need is a "conflict management workout"...
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Image Too Many Individuals and Interactions
After a trial period of pair programming, I asked my team, "Why do you want to continue pair programming?" In response, one of the developers walked up to the whiteboard and drew the following two pictures…
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Image About Being a Coach
I realize that being a coach is not about technology, processes, and frameworks. It's not about teaching people how to do stuff, although it helps if you can show them a new way or help them find a solution. But that is not the most important thing about coaching people…
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Global Scrum
Gathering News

Global Scrum Gathering Paris
The Global Scrum Gathering Paris is now SOLD OUT. Check the Global Scrum Gathering Paris website to see the great sessions.

Thank you to our Gold sponsors Zenika and Agilbee; Silver sponsor RippleRock; and Bronze sponsors Platinum EdgeHPValtech, and Simplilearn for their sponsorship of the Paris Gathering. Please visit their websites. What better time to sponsor a Global Scrum Gathering than at a SOLD-OUT event? Download the sponsorship package for details on how you can get involved, or contact Yvonne Dewar at or (905) 281-0555, ext. 111.

Global Scrum Gathering
New Orleans

Mark your calendars for the Global Scrum Gathering New Orleans, taking place May 5-7, 2014. Registration is opening soon. Check the Scrum Alliance website for details. If you would like to get involved, please reach out to or A big thank you to our sponsors already on board: Agile Learning Labs, CollabNet, RippleRock, and Geocent.

Global Scrum Gathering Berlin
Mark the dates on your calendar: September 22-24, 2014. Thank you to our sponsors who look forward to seeing you in Berlin: Agile42, Boris Gloger, CollabNet, RippleRock, and Platinum Edge.

Global Scrum Gathering Phoenix
We're happy to announce that the Global Scrum Gathering 2015 will be held in Phoenix, Arizona, May 4-6, 2015. We hope to see you there.

Upcoming Global
Scrum Gatherings

Paris 2013
23 - 25 September
Paris, France
New Orleans, LA 2014
5 - 7 May
New Orleans, USA
Berlin 2014
22 - 24 September
Berlin, Germany
Phoenix, AZ 2015
4 - 6 May
Phoenix, USA

Sponsor an
Upcoming Gathering

Interested in sponsoring a Global Scrum Gathering to showcase your company? If you sponsor two or more, you will save 10 to 25 percent. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please download the sponsorship package or contact Yvonne at or (905) 281-0555, ext. 111.
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