Scrum Alliance Newsletter- July 2013

JULY 2013
In This Issue: Certification Marks | Agile Atlas Update | Tips / Perspectives

Letter from the Managing Director

Carol McEwan

Two major initiatives were unveiled to the Scrum Alliance community in June. Each of these had roots in equipping you with valuable information to help you succeed with Scrum. I'm thrilled to tell you a bit about them in this letter.

The Scrum Alliance website was updated last month with a new look and feel. The home page now offers visitors an overview of Scrum and Scrum Alliance with quick links and enhanced search capabilities to help both visitors and members navigate the site with ease. Check out from your laptop, notebook, tablet, or phone and enjoy the new features. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Just click on the feedback form at the bottom of the site and provide your thoughts. We'll evaluate your comments for our product backlog and subsequent sprint planning.

Last month Scrum Alliance hosted a webinar, where we presented the findings of the "State of Scrum" study to more than 4,500 registered participants. This study, which includes input from nearly 500 participants in more than 70 countries, compares current trends and success factors in adopting and practicing Scrum. It's interesting to note that participants included professionals not only from the IT industry but also from many other industries, including education, finance, government, health care, telecommunications, and more. The full "State of Scrum: Benchmarks & Guidelines" report is available for download. You can also watch the webinar and view the presentation slides to see what these findings mean for you and your organization.

Wishing you a productive and successful July.

Carol McEwan
Managing Director
Scrum Alliance, Inc.

Presenting Your New Certification Marks
Promote your Scrum certification

As part of the brand refresh, we designed two new certification mark styles. These options retained the strength and familiarity of the original marks but updated them with a refreshed look and feel to align with our new brand. We recently asked you to log into a survey and provide input on which style you'd be most proud to use.

Thanks to everyone who voted and gave input for your new certification marks. Your preference was clear. Here are the winners, using the CSM certification as the model.

Certified ScrumMaster Round Seal

Certified ScrumMaster Rectangle Badge

See the entire range of seals and badges on the new site. You can transition to the new marks immediately. And stay tuned: the full Certification Mark Usage Guidelines will be uploaded to the site later this week.

Agile Atlas Update
Check out the controversy on the Agile Atlas

We've made significant behind-the-scenes progress on the Atlas this past month to make it more smooth and organized. Most of that work is invisible to you, the user, but important nonetheless. (We're sorry that not all of our changes show up as user-visible "stories," but sometimes we just can't figure out a way to make that happen.)

Our biggest visible change this month is controversy. After some controversy over whether the word is pronounced CONtroversy or conTROVersy, we've added a tag and organizational pages for items that are controversial. Here's the reason... 

Scrum Tips

Image Testers working in an Agile team
Today's tester role is more versatile and calls on a wide range of skills. Now testers have tasks throughout the sprint, and they also program – yes! – as regular programmers. (I don't say as developers, as all participants in the team are part of the development...
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Image What does your project or program play card look like?
On just about any given Saturday or Sunday in the United States, you'll find friends and families enjoying time watching football (or American football, as my European friends call it). Regardless of whether it's the college or pro game, the television camera always zeroes in on the head coach, who is constantly pacing the sidelines...
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Image The "RICCH-Knowledge" of a ScrumMaster
The role of ScrumMaster is not a role for the fainthearted. He must be aware that there is a thin line between the ScrumMaster's authority over process and authority over the Scrum team... 
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Image I had to die to save my company
Sometimes your worst enemy is yourself – and you don't even know it. I'm from northern Europe, a land of snow and ice. Some years ago I decided to turn my back on cold summers and embrace paradise in a land of indefinite summer. Weather was one factor...
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Image "Why" is more important than "how"
Working with companies implementing Agile, I have seen that most of the time, management is more concerned about how to implement Scrum than why to implement Scrum. A lot of time is spent discussing how Scrum can be implemented in the project or an organization...
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Second Scrum Coaching Retreat
Join us December 4-6 in Chandler, AZ

Register for the second Scrum Coaching Retreat on December 4-6, 2013, at the beautiful San Marcos Golf Resort in Chandler, Arizona. The program format is nearly finalized and we're identifying pre-retreat workshops. Early bird registration is open. If you're not quite ready to register, sign up to receive ongoing updates.

Note: The retreat is open to anyone interested in Agile coaching; no particular certifications are required.


Global Scrum
Gathering News

Global Scrum Gathering Paris
The Global Scrum Gathering Paris program is full of great sessions. Check the Global Scrum Gathering Paris website for more details on the official program. We are almost 60% sold out; don't miss your opportunity to attend. Register today!

Thank you to our Gold sponsor Zenika and Bronze sponsor RippleRock for their ongoing support.

There are more than 20 unique sponsorship opportunities. Download the sponsorship package for details on how you can sponsor the Global Scrum Gathering Paris, or contact Yvonne at or (905) 281-0555, ext. 111.

Global Scrum Gathering New Orleans
Anita Canafax and Michelle Russo have been selected to co-chair our Global Scrum Gathering New Orleans, which will be held May 5-7, 2014.

Thank you to our sponsors who are already on board: Agile Learning Labs, CollabNet, and RippleRock.

Global Scrum Gathering Berlin
Mark the dates on your calendar, September 22-24, 2014! Thank you to our sponsors who look forward to seeing you in Berlin: Agile42, Boris Gloger, CollabNet, and RippleRock.

Global Scrum Gathering Phoenix
We're happy to announce that the Global Scrum Gathering 2015 will be held in Phoenix, Arizona, May 4-6, 2015. We hope to see you there.


Upcoming Global
Scrum Gatherings

Paris 2013
23 - 25 Sept. 2013
Paris, France
New Orleans 2014
5 - 7 May 2014
New Orleans, USA
Berlin 2014
22 - 24 Sept. 2014
Berlin, Germany
Phoenix 2015
4 - 6 May 2015
Phoenix, USA

Sponsor an
Upcoming Gathering

Sponsor one or more Scrum Gatherings in 2013-2015 and showcase your company. For more information on sponsor opportunities, please download the sponsorship package or contact Yvonne at or (905) 281-0555, ext. 111.

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