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Letter from the Managing Director

By Carol McEwan

Happy new year! 2011 was an exciting time for the Scrum Alliance that was filled with lots of hard work and wonderful events. Our Scrum Gatherings in Seattle, Washington and London, England drew hundreds of members from all over the world to share ideas, collaborate, and learn new ways to implement Scrum principles. I'm delighted to see the formation of 46 new User Groups as co-located Scrum Alliance members get together to promote Scrum within their local communities. Keep up the great work!

2011 also saw the launch of the Registered Education Provider (REP) program designed to help instructors and training organizations offer certification and non-certification courses to Agile and Scrum professionals . Our class participation and certification statistics are higher than ever, and our membership continues to grow daily as the Agile community continues to use Scrum to transform the world of work.

Scrum Alliance Board Member Mitch Lacey wrapped up his term in December. On behalf of the membership he served, I would like to extend my thanks for all Mitch's hard work and wish him well in his future pursuits. In a tight race last month, our members voted to elect Steve Forte to replace Mitch on the Board.

I look forward to a spectacular 2012 as we implement the updates to the CSM exam and roll out new changes to the CSP Program. Watch the Scrum Alliance website for up-to-the-minute information about our newly revised CSM learning objectives and a more streamlined CSP credentialing process. Don't forget register for one of our Scrum Gatherings in Atlanta, Georgia or Barcelona, Spain this year! You won't want to miss the exciting sessions and presentation lineups we have planned for you. Make sure to register for Scrum Gathering Atlanta 2012 soon to take advantage of the early bird discount which ends April 2, 2012. Registration starts soon for Scrum Gathering Barcelona 2012 so watch the event page for more information.

I'd like to take a minute to introduce you to Vicki Hancock, who joined the Scrum Alliance in March of 2011. As Certification Manager, Vicki is responsible for carrying out the Scrum Alliance strategic goal of "offering meaningful certification in the Scrum framework." So far, she has worked with volunteer subject-matter experts (SMEs), staff, and our testing partner, Castle Worldwide, to create a new exam for the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) program, helping to move it toward its new status as an "exam-based certificate program." Vicki also has overseen the evolution of the Certified Scrum Professional certification into a program with the goal that those who hold it have a full understanding of Scrum and its implementation regardless of the Scrum role in which they work. Since 1989, Vicki’s professional responsibilities have included new product development, constituent outreach, training program development and delivery, strategic planning, and process improvement.

I look forward to seeing what 2012 has in store for the Scrum Alliance, its members, and the Scrum community at large as more business and industries adopt Agile principles in the workplace. I also hope to have the chance to meet many more of you at upcoming Gatherings and events. Keep up to date on what's going on at Scrum Alliance by visiting our website or joining us on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

Carol McEwan
Managing Director
Scrum Alliance, Inc.


Scrum Alliance Welcomes New Board Member Steve Forte

The Scrum Alliance Board of Directors election has closed and the results are in! It was a tight race, but Steve Forte nosed ahead to win the seat being vacated by Mitch Lacey, whose term ended December 31, 2011. Steve garnered 42.0% of the total votes, while Daniel Mezick and George Gosieski claimed 38.2% and 19.9%, respectively.

"It is a great honor to have been elected to the Scrum Alliance Board of Directors," says Steve. "George and Daniel are such impressive individuals and great candidates that it goes to show just how impressive of an organization the Scrum Alliance is. I am looking forward to serve my term on the board and hopefully will bring my unique perspective to the board in a productive way. I look forward to the next three years!"

Scrum Alliance Managing Director Carol McEwan says, "On behalf of the membership, I extend my warmest congratulations to Steve and look forward to his leadership on the board. Daniel and George were strong contenders during the election. I thank them for their desire to help guide the Scrum Alliance as we look toward our organization's exciting future.

"I also want to extend my appreciation to the Nominating Committee for the many hours they dedicated to reviewing the nominees, selecting final candidates, and overseeing this important election. Thank you to the Scrum Alliance community for participating in this process as we move ahead to transform the world of work in the new year."

 CSP Beta Program: An Update

 By Dr. Vicki Hancock, Certification Manager

If you haven’t earned your Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) credential yet, 2012 is your year to do it. As of January 1, 2012, Scrum Alliance is pleased to offer CSP as a credential that is achieved by successfully passing an examination. Since early spring 2011, Scrum Alliance member volunteers, staff, and testing partner Castle Worldwide, Inc. (Castle) have been working to transform CSP into a program that meets worldwide standards for structure and testing. Our intent is to offer a well defined, well respected credential in the Agile community.

Candidates for the CSP credential will no longer be required to complete a lengthy form and wait for many weeks to receive the results of a review, and then schedule an in-person interview. Instead, consistent with professional certification programs the world over, you are required to satisfy several eligibility requirements, then pass an examination designed to confirm your familiarity and experience with Scrum principles and best practices.

For more information about eligibility requirements, examination structure and content, license and certificate, and recertification, visit the CSP information page. In addition, look for an email from Scrum Alliance in the next week that elaborates on the new CSP program requirements and structure. To pose questions in the meantime, send email to



Progress Update on the Agile Skills Project
By Ron Jeffries

Even though there were no working days in December, we got some good stuff done on the Scrum / Agile Skills site. Here are some highlights:

  • We received a few articles in DOCX or PDF form and personally converted them with our own little hands. Formatting on the site is still not a major concern, but we'll be working on that in January.
  • We installed some WYSIWYG editing capability, to make it humanly possible to enter an article if you need to. There will be more work on ease of use as time goes on.
  • We added a forum capability for contributors to discuss things. So far, we are the only posters. We would welcome advice and discussion about the site. And if you're not a contributor and would like to be, let Ron or Chet know.
  • We added a "drafts" section, so that contributors can see what is out there without exposing material to general site visitors.
  • We picked a site name (names, actually). The site is now up on and will be on .com as well. We also have and .com but those are not hooked up yet. The idea is that this site is your collection of maps for your journey through the ideas of Scrum and Agility.

The big realization this month was that we are slated to have 200 or more pages in the "Scrum Primer". This is a lot of reading, probably more than many people will do. We struggled for a bit with what to do about this. Our vision for the primers, after all, is that by seeing Scrum through different people's eyes, the reader will build up a deeper understanding.

Our plan now is that we "curators" will build a small number of topic pages, typically one page long, with links to the relevant sections of contributed articles. For example, if you click the "Product Owner" link, you'll get a search page with an entry for each primer, and if you click an entry, you find yourself in that primer, looking at the Product Owner topic. This should give people a quick overview plus access to more detail on topics that interest them.

Other efforts for this coming month will focus on getting the site completely moved, on look and feel, and on getting a start at some of the topic pages. We will also be reaching out to a few more potential contributors, and will be nudging the existing contributors to cough up some articles.

Please join us on the forum, we need all the help we can get. Thanks!

Mark your calandar for the Scrum Gathering Atlanta 2012 - Check out the sponsorship opportunities HERE. Thank you to our signed sponsors.

Title Sponsor – VersionOne will be hosting our Welcome Evening ... stay tuned for exciting details! VersionOne will also be exhibiting so plan to visit them during the gathering.

Gold Sponsor – PMI will be exhibiting and sponsoring a lunch!

Bronze Sponsor – 3Back are sponsoring the lanyards!

Check back for the launch of the submission system and an opportunity to submit to the call for papers..


Mark your calendar for the Scrum Gathering Barcelona 2012 – October 1 – 3, 2012 at the Fira-Palace, Barcelona, Spain.

Scrum Gathering Barcelona – Call for Chair

Want to get involved in a Scrum Gathering? Here’s your opportunity! The Scrum Alliance is looking to fill the Program Chair position for Scrum Gathering Barcelona.

Click here to download the Call for Program Chair information. Deadline to submit is January 13th, 2012.

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