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Happy New Year! Wow, 2012 was full of progress for Scrum Alliance.

At the beginning of the year, we invested time and thought clarifying our vision. As a result, you may recall we refreshed the vision of Scrum Alliance to be "to provide Education, Community, and Advocacy to anyone interested in Scrum and to do so with operational excellence." By coincidence, in reverse, we have an acronym that spells "ACE" – how appropriate!

Advocacy: (Scrum Alliance exists to advocate for the use of Scrum, for the value of education through Scrum Alliance, and on behalf of our members or anyone using Scrum). In 2012, key people were added to the Scrum Alliance staff, and I am happy to say that we are all now CSM certified. We even have a certified CSPO among us! Your Scrum Alliance support team answered more than 9,500 service requests in 2012, 99% of which were responded to within 24 hours. We were pleased to offer our members a jobs board through our partnership with, a site dedicated to providing Agile-related career services. As well, our partnership with Projects at Work further extended the Scrum conversation and awareness of Scrum Alliance to a broader project management audience around the world.

Community: (Scrum Alliance will nurture and enrich the community of all those interested in Scrum in both the physical and virtual worlds). The Scrum Alliance community is growing – membership now exceeds 200,000. The 2012 Scrum Gatherings held in Atlanta, Georgia and Barcelona, Spain saw more first time attendees than ever before, and drew hundreds of members from around the world to share ideas, collaborate, and learn new ways to implement Scrum. Nearly 40 new user groups were started, which brings us to more than 200 registered user groups around the world. It was exciting to see so many Scrum Alliance members getting together to promote the use of Scrum within their local communities.

Education: (Scrum Alliance will strive to continue its reputation for being the best place to learn about Scrum, and all things that help Scrum teams). In 2012, we established a CSM certification test, implemented for certification testing, and, most recently, translated the CSM test into Spanish. More than 45,000 people were trained by our outstanding group of Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs) and joined the ranks of certified Scrum Alliance members. The proctored CSP exam was also introduced, and more than 200 Scrum Alliance members attained their CSP certificates. Beyond certification, our Certified Scrum Coaches (CSCs) continue to coach successful Scrum teams around the world. And online, check out the progress made to the Agile Atlas as well as the wealth of new articles on our website that support the ongoing application of Scrum.

Thanks to the many volunteer members who give their time and talents to Scrum Alliance. You help make Scrum Alliance better every sprint. Your commitment, energy, and passion are incredible.

Scrum Alliance-elected Board Member Scott Duncan’s two-year term came to an end December 31, 2012. I would like to thank Scott for his contributions, and wish him well in his future pursuits. The Board recently voted to increase the number of elected board members from two to three, and in the election held last month, members elected Pete Deemer and Bob Hartman to the board. Congratulations and welcome to both Pete and Bob.

During a board meeting held Monday, January 9, new officers were elected. It is my pleasure to introduce the Board of Directors for 2013: Harvey Wheaton (Chairman), Bob Hartman (Vice Chairman), Steve Fram (Secretary), Dan Hintz (Treasurer), Chris Guzikowski (Assistant Treasurer), Mike Cohn (Appointed), Steve Forte (Elected) and Pete Deemer (Elected).

Mike Cohn’s tenure as Chairman has come to an end. Mike has served as Chairman since October 2010, and we owe him a huge debt of gratitude for the energy and commitment he has brought to the role. We are very pleased that Mike will continue to serve as a board member as we undertake an ambitious program of change for this year and beyond.

Wishing you a good and successful 2013,
Carol McEwan
Managing Director
Scrum Alliance, Inc.

Letter from Incoming Chairman
by Harvey Wheaton
Harvey Wheaton       
First, I have to say being asked to serve as Chairman for Scrum Alliance is a huge honor, and I’m looking forward to doing everything I can to help our organization support people around the world as they learn about, adopt, and practice Scrum. For those of you who don’t know me, my "day job" is Studio Director for a games development company in the U.K. That means every day I face many of the same challenges I‘m sure you’re familiar with when it comes to adopting and using Scrum effectively.

As Carol said, we made great progress last year on many fronts, but I’m even more excited about what 2013 will bring. Our strength lies in our community and, working together, I believe we can achieve our mission of transforming the world of work.

With a clear strategic focus on Advocacy, Community and Education, we have many initiatives to implement this year. Among these, some of our top priorities are:
  • A vibrant new website that gives a renewed focus to our brand, provides top-rate content, and engages visitors. Our ambition is for to be the place for people to learn and talk about Scrum.
  • A focus on continuing education and, specifically, the implementation of SEUs (Scrum Education Units) to recognize ongoing learning. Over time, SEUs will become a renewal requirement for all levels of certification.
  • The introduction of a revamped, modular CSP certification that requires practitioners to take more advanced classes in Scrum and Agile practices.
  • Continuing to support and grow our community and encourage face-to-face communication with two major gatherings (Las Vegas and Paris) in 2013 and a multitude of regional gatherings and user groups.
  • Putting Scrum at the heart of our operation. We started with the creation of an organizational backlog and are engaging a Scrum coach to guide us through improved adoption of Scrum throughout the organization. We are determined to make Scrum Alliance a top-notch example of Scrum in action.
Finally, I’m looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible to get your perspective on Scrum and Scrum Alliance, hopefully in person at one of this year’s much-anticipated Scrum Gatherings!

Upcoming Industry Study

We are conducting a short, three-question membership survey to identify potential topics for a Scrum industry study. Your feedback will help ensure the study is relevant to you, our members. Thanks for your input. The survey closes on January 18, 2013.

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Agile Atlas Update

The Core Scrum page has been accepted and is considered to be fully released. There is a link to a PDF on the Core Scrum page. The format may change as we update the site, but other than fixing any typos, the content will not change until the next update. Scrum Trainers will now use the Core Scrum page as one of their main handouts for CSM and other classes.

Scrum Alliance has not yet determined what the update process will be. Most likely, we will form a small group of experts to meet from time to time and determine whether any changes are desirable. We don't expect substantive changes, but we do expect to find better ways to express things, and to discover details and nuances that need adjustment. Announcements will be made if and when there are updates.

The Atlas team will return to our primary function, collecting and publishing Scrum-related articles. This will surely entail changes to the site's layout, but Core Scrum will remain prominent. We are interested in, and actively soliciting, articles on any Scrum-related topics, including:

Generally Accepted Scrum Practices (GASPs): Practices that fit well with Scrum and that are generally agreed to be useful in a wide range of situations.

Specialized Practices: Approaches that are not always applicable but that can be useful in some circumstances.

Controversy: Topics questioning aspects of Scrum or Agile in general, such that people might disagree. We would especially welcome paired articles by thoughtful practitioners on opposite sides of the same topic. No name-calling, please.

Related Agile and near-Agile topics: Topics related to Scrum, such as Lean and Kanban. Ideally, these articles could put ideas into context, describing whether and how they can be used in conjunction with Scrum, or the arguments in favor of using them instead of Scrum or Scrum practices.

Letter from the Managing Director




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Scrum Alliance Regional Gathering Tokyo - Jan 15-16, 2013

Agile in Business Conference: New Delhi – January 19, 2013

Iran Agile 2013 - Feb 19, 2013

Scrum Bolivia Day - March 30, 2013

Scrum Event Shout-Outs:

"We had a great day of Scrum this Sunday. About 300 people registered from more than 120 companies and universities. Thank you Scrum Alliance for your generous support of this event. I believe that we can stay close together to expand Scrum in Vietnam in the next year."

United States
"On behalf of the Agile Austin Board and the Keep Austin Agile 2012 Conference Committee, I wanted to extend our appreciation and thanks for sponsoring the conference and for being a big part of its unqualified success. A sold-out house of 400 attendees enjoyed the diverse topics presented, the sponsor showcase, and the hospitality of the AT&T Conference Center. We could not have done this without your support!"

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