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Letter from the Managing Director


As we head into the last six weeks of the year, we are making progress on a number of key areas. Below are just a few highlights in terms of our advocacy, education, and community efforts.  
Advocacy | New Website Coming  
Our new website plans are underway and we’ve recently completed a technical audit and site map. We are now working toward wireframes, design, and member usability testing. Our new website will be light-years ahead of the current site. It will include deeper community functionality and a more friendly overall member experience. From a technical perspective, the new site is being designed around the concept of responsive design, so the choice of content and layout will personalize and adapt to the visitor’s device (mobile phone, mini tablet, tablet, or PC). Pretty cool stuff! Our initial launch is expected in May 2013 and we will send more updates on this project in future e-newsletters.
Community | Get Ready for Las Vegas and Paris  
Plans for our Scrum Gathering Las Vegas 2013 are coming together rapidly thanks to the hard work of newly appointed Program Chair Daniel Gullo! He and his team have selected tracks for the event and are now accepting session abstracts through November 18, 2012. There's still time to get in on Early Bird registration, and if you're a first-time attendee, you're eligible for an additional discount! Contact for the discount code before you register. 
We’re happy to announce that the co-chairs for Scrum Gathering Paris 2013 have been selected: Patrice Petit, founder and chairman of AgileTour, and Xavier Warzee, CTO at Palo IT and president of the France User Group. If you'd like to be considered as a future chair, keep an eye on the event pages for our Scrum Gatherings in New Orleans and Berlin in 2014. Being a chair for a Scrum Gathering is an excellent opportunity to expand your relationships within the Scrum community.
Education | New Program Director Hired  
We’ve recently hired a full-time program director, Nazarena Garron Ciberay. This is a critical hire as we work to improve and expand our Scrum education offerings. Nazarena (also known as “Naz”) comes to us with a unique background of 20 years of IT and adult learning experience. This background is perfect for us as we improve our educational offerings. Most recently she served as the professional development manager for Denver (CO) Public Schools. Some of our members met Nazarena at Scrum Gathering Barcelona 2012 and many more of you will get to know her in the coming months. Welcome, Naz!
Enjoy the upcoming holiday season and thank you for being a member of Scrum Alliance.
Carol McEwan
Managing Director
Scrum Alliance, Inc. Adds Insight and Advice to the Site
Have you visited the site lately? If not, be sure to check it out. The new blog section offers spot-on insight and advice on Agile-related career topics. This information will help you identify, define, and advertise your Agile positions and, once resumes start flowing in, select the right candidates.

It doesn’t stop there. There are also blogs about Agile and Scrum in general, and tips on how to create high-performing teams. Suzanne Johnson, a technical recruiter and Certified ScrumMaster®, is a featured author, as is Johanna Rothman, a pragmatic management consultant who focuses on high-tech product development.  So whether you’re looking for the right candidate or searching for the right career move, you’ll find the advice and insight within the blog valuable. is the only careers website dedicated specifically to the needs of the Agile community. This means that both Scrum Alliance employers and Scrum Alliance job seekers have access to a site where Agile-related careers, practitioners, and information come together.

Jobs can be posted in any language and Scrum Alliance members enjoy discounts for job posting services on an ongoing basis. However, because of the great response you showed when we announced our partnership, is extending the free job posting offering to Scrum Alliance members through May 31, 2013. So if you’re an employer who is a member of Scrum Alliance, get your open positions posted soon! Log in at to get started. 



Progress Update on the Agile Atlas Project

By Ron Jeffries

Discussion on the Agile Atlas "Core Scrum" section has converged with good agreement from the community. 

We have added a "print CSS" so that the page prints nicely. When the final Scrum Alliance branding of the site is ready, we plan to add a link to the PDF copy of the page for the convenience of people who want to study the document offline.

Final checking is underway to make sure that “Core Scrum” information and the CSM test are in sync. We already have volunteers to translate “Core Scrum” to other languages, and Scrum Alliance will soon determine the best way to accomplish this.

With the "Core Scrum" project well in hand, we are looking forward to getting back to the larger purpose of the Atlas: to provide a growing compendium of information, advice, and knowledge about Scrum and its related topics. We'll be turning our attention to soliciting articles and arranging them on the site. There will be articles from experts, of course, and we'll also want experience reports and advice from people working in the field with Scrum and other Agile methods.

Quite frankly, we are looking forward to some articles from the fringes, where discoveries are being made and new theories are being created. The fringes, of course, will be offering new understanding of how Scrum works, what practices fit with it, and under what circumstances. They may show us better ways to express Scrum ideas in the future.

We haven't yet figured out what the process should be for updating the “Core Scrum” section. Most likely, we will have a panel of interested experts meet occasionally and hammer out proposals for how this process should occur. Updates will need to go through some kind of review process that has yet to be defined. No one expects much change to Scrum or to how Scrum is described but, as time goes on, we do "inspect and adapt" what we do and how we express it. 

We're excited about the new “Core Scrum” section, happy with how it has turned out, and grateful to all the people who helped.  We look forward to growing the Atlas as rapidly as possible!



Registration NOW OPEN! "Up the Ante" on your Agile game!

Scrum Gathering Paris: 2013

This event will be hosted at the luxurious Hotel Condorde La Fayette. Watch for registration information coming soon!



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Agile Tour India 2012 -- Four locations across India through November 2012

Scrum Alliance Regional Gathering Tokyo 2013 -- Tokyo, Japan - January 15-16, 2013

Scrum Bolivia Day -- Santa Cruz, Bolivia - March 30, 2013

Scrum Australia 2013 -- Sydney, Australia - April 10-11, 2013

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