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Letter from the Managing Director



I have just returned from the fabulous Scrum Gathering Barcelona 2012 and the memories are still vivid! What an incredible event. Over 300 people traveled from more than 33 countries to attend the sold-out event! For more than 100 guests, it was their first Scrum Gathering and from the feedback we have received, I expect it won’t be their last!

The keynote and session speakers were dynamic and the daily Open Space sessions sparked many engaging discussions. Our Coaches Clinic was very well attended! I noticed many enlightening conversations between the volunteer coaches and people seeking advice about Scrum.

Scheduled sessions at this Gathering covered a wide variety of topics and I want to thank all the presenters for sharing their knowledge and experiences with us. We have posted many of the presentations on our website and will continue to add more as we receive them.

I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone that participated in making Scrum Gathering Barcelona 2012 such a memorable event. We will "up the ante" at Scrum Gathering Las Vegas, May 6 - 8, 2013. See you there!

Carol McEwan
Managing Director
Scrum Alliance, Inc.

Barcelona Coaches Clinic: 3 Days, 15 coaches, 40 Sessions
By Martin Alaimo

How can you turn a single problem with Scrum into a possible course of action? Now, try it with 40 different problems! At the Coaches Clinic during Scrum Gathering Barcelona 2012, we did it through talking.

The spirit remained the same throughout each coaching session; to assist people in finding solutions to their concerns, issues, or questions about using or adopting Scrum. Most of the conversations started with, "I don’t know how to...," "I’d like to, but...," or "I find it difficult to..." Highly experienced volunteer coaches from different countries and backgrounds shared their knowledge and expertise, working together with the coachees to explore possibilities and find that much-desired breakthrough to success.

As coaching sessions progressed, you could feel energy of action. By the end of every single chat, you could hear "I am going to...," "I now feel inspired to...," or "This is a great idea!" Every coaching conversation ended with valuable insights, ideas, and courses of action to take back at home, no matter how different the topics were.

The next time you find yourself at a Scrum Gathering with a question or challenging situation about using or adopting Scrum, go visit the Coaches Clinic and have a talk about transforming the world of work!



Progress Update on the Agile Atlas Project

By Ron Jeffries

Our main focus recently has been on the "core" section of the Agile Atlas, the part that you encounter on the main page with the map. Our original thought was that the articles there now would be magically pulled together into an integrated document that users could print out and use as a reference. That turned out to be wrong! When we put it together manually we found that, while the individual articles might be OK, they didn't hang together.

Plan B, therefore, became to write the integrated article based on the material we already had and change the map to point to anchors in that text. We created that version and re-opened the commenting process.

One particularly useful bit of feedback came from an Open Space held at the Barcelona Gathering, where people used several sessions to produce very comprehensive comments. Taking those into considerations, we now have a new, shorter version under review and expect it should go live within the next week or two. This will become the official Scrum Alliance "reference document" for CSTs to share with their students in preparation for attending a class, or for those who just want to refer to what they have already learned.

Once the core section is complete, we are eager to get back to building out the other sections of the site with articles supporting Scrum, Agile, and even ideas like Lean and Kanban. Our favorite idea is to have a section for some civilized inquiry into more controversial ideas. There's lots to do, and we're going to need help. Keep watching for calls for assistance and please volunteer when you can.

Couldn't make it to Scrum Gathering Barcelona 2012? Read about what CSM Elinor Buxton Slomba has to say about attending our sold-out event:

"Today and tomorrow I live and breathe the world of Scrum, a framework for getting valuable things done in a creative workplace.  The Hotel Fira Palace in Barcelona is hosting a worldwide gathering of the Scrum Alliance, 330 people from over 25 countries dedicated to sharing tools, information and examples of success using the management framework.

Scrum is most often applied to software development projects, but can be used to manage any type of team-based project.  As a storycraft consultant, I use Scrum with most of my clients to manage deliverables.  Compared to the options for managing workflow in other ways, I find consistent validation within Scrum that we are creating high business value quickly.  This makes me want to use  it as much as possible.  Here’s why..."



Registration NOW OPEN! "Up the Ante" on your Agile game!

Scrum Gathering Paris: 2013

This event will be hosted at the luxurious Hotel Condorde La Fayette. Watch for registration information coming soon!

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