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  Letter from the Managing Director


By Carol McEwan

While reviewing the feedback we got about Scrum Gathering Atlanta 2012, one comment stood out: "I had a great time. [I] networked with different people and took away some valuable things, thoughts, and ideas to use back at work." What a great thing to say, and something I think perfectly illustrates the intent of Scrum Alliance Gatherings. If you weren't able to attend or would like a refresher, many of our presenters provided videos, handouts, and slide decks for your review. You can find them here.

In case you haven't heard, we extended Scrum Gathering Barcelona 2012's Call for Papers to July 6th. A technical glitch briefly prevented our system from accepting proposals so we wanted to give everyone extra time to get them in. If you haven't submitted your idea yet, there's still time! Make your mark at the next Global Gathering in Spain!

It's been a busy month for the Scrum Alliance team as we continue to support our members with prompt customer service. In June, we were able to respond to each of the more than 750 tickets that came through! The number of User Groups continues to increase, so get involved and join one today! Check here to find out if there's a User Group near you. If not, we can help you start one.  

I hope you all have a wonderful month ahead as you use Scrum to transform the world of work!

Carol McEwan 
Managing Director
Scrum Alliance, Inc.



Progress Update on the Agile Atlas Project

By Ron Jeffries

The Agile Atlas's core elements of Scrum is nearly complete! A couple more articles will be installed in the next day or two. The site is ready for some review and we need a few more proposed articles. Read on.

Basis for Scrum Alliance Position

One fundamental purpose of the Agile Atlas's core area is to serve as the primary source of information about the Scrum Alliance's view of proper Scrum. Among other uses, the Atlas will be the place to go to study for Scrum Alliance tests and examinations. As such, the intention for the core part of the Atlas is to describe the "ninety-five percent" view of Scrum. That is, the aspects of Scrum that essentially everyone agrees with.

For this reason, we are soliciting people to review the site with a view to agreement, proper expression of ideas, and anything else that may need to be addressed. All review information should be provided via the Agile Atlas forum. We will try to pay attention to emails, mailing lists, and songs we hear on the radio, but if you want to be heard, please sign up and contribute on the forum.


There are other areas of the Atlas that will go into development as soon as the core is complete. One of the first will be a growing description of "Generally Accepted Scrum Practices" (GASP). This section will describe practices that are not part of core Scrum, but that have been found to be valuable in Scrum projects. We are soliciting articles for this section.

The guidelines have not been worked out in detail but, roughly speaking, we will need articles about single practices. I suppose there might be call for articles about a small nest of related practices as well. The article should describe the need for the practice, the circumstances where it is likely to be valuable, where it is likely not to be appropriate, and of course the practice itself. I think that a mercifully brief article with references would be better than a tome.

We prefer that authors put the articles up themselves. Then we'll review them, perhaps suggest edits, and release them. The input for the site is a simple nearly WYSIWYG editor, not unlike WordPress. There is also a fairly good import from Microsoft Word. You can have graphics and will need to upload these separately and link to them -- a process for that is also fairly simple.

One way to work this, and perhaps a good one, is for people to propose GASP topics on the forum. I'll create a new forum topic for that shortly and we'll see how it goes. 

The Agile Atlas is at and is ready for your review, feedback, and help. Thanks!


Full Circle: From Generalist to Specialist and Back

By Lee A. Thomas

I started in the IT industry back in the early 1990s, working for Ford Company in the U.K. Since then I've observed with interest the trends in the skill set required to be successful in our industry.

Looking back, I realize I was extremely fortunate to work for such a progressive company when IT was merely a fledgling career path. My first job was in marketing systems with a James Martins CASE (Computer Aided Systems Engineering) tool called IEF (or Information Engineering Facility, now CA Gen), building management information systems for monitoring and reporting vehicle production and dealer stock levels in our European markets.

Some of the practices we followed back then were... Read more



Mark your calendar for the Scrum Gathering Barcelona 2012 – October 1 – 3, 2012 at the Fira-Palace, Barcelona, Spain.  


Scrum Gathering Las Vegas 2012 – Call for Chair OPEN! Want to get involved in a Scrum Gathering? Here’s your opportunity! Click here  to download the Call for Program Chair information. Deadline to submit is July 5, 2012.

Sponsor a Scrum Gathering! When you sponsor a Scrum Gathering, your company’s message is exactly where it should be -- in front of your target audience. For more information on how to sponsor a Gathering, please download the sponsorship package  or contact Yvonne at or (905) 281-0555, ext 111.






Pat Guariglia presents "New Blood of the 21st Century, How The Agile Executives Can Rise Up -- Albany, NY. August 15, 2012

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