Lance Dacy

Lance Dacy has been a proud member of the Scrum Alliance since his first certification as a ScrumMaster back in July of 2008. Upon learning more about Scrum and the continuous-improvement mentality behind the process, he became a fervent leader in the Scrum community. Having founded, led, and organized one of the most successful user groups in Scrum Alliance (, he continues to foster the education and proliferation of Scrum throughout the community. Having hosted many of the Agile Manifesto authors at DFW Scrum, Lance has obtained great insight into the ideals and principles that guide Scrum.

His passion lies with helping others succeed and grow within the process. Lance would be a highly valuable asset to have on the board with Scrum Alliance, given his unique position and perspective from the side of a product company. Many of the ideals and principles that surround Scrum are learned through training and exercises. Lance has firsthand, practical experience in two successful transformations of large companies that he guided in their transition to Scrum. His focus on community and on educating the larger audience on Scrum is a great asset to the mission and directives of Scrum Alliance.

Lance has ten years of experience in the software industry, with more than five years in practical aspects of Scrum. He has obtained his CSM, CSPO, and CSP and is on a current journey for CST. In addition to the experience he gains with other companies in his influence and his service to help them do better, he has invaluable insights into the needs of the larger community and the target audience for Scrum Alliance and its future growth.

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Twitter: @dfwscrum  and @lancedacy
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