Kevin McIntyre

Kevin McIntyre is an active and avid Scrum champion leading the effort to adopt Scrum throughout the software organization at Ricoh. He has successfully transitioned the company's flagship product team and has worked with many other team leaders, coaching them in their own teams' transitions. Along with his ScrumMaster and Project Management certifications, Kevin holds a master's degree in organizational leadership, which has been invaluable when dealing with the challenges of transforming the organizational culture and strategy to align with Agile and Scrum principles. With more than 25 years working in multi-geography teams, he has gained insights into how cultural differences play in the acceptance and embrace of new methods and ideals. With that in mind, Kevin is ready to contribute ideas and strategies for expanding Scrum Alliance's relevance and legitimacy around the world while enhancing the organization's strengths within North America and parts of Europe. He believes Scrum Alliance's education and certification programs are the best in the Agile world and is eager to increase the organization's influence and promote Scrum globally.

Contact Information

Cell phone: 970-232-8405
Office phone: 720-663-3913
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